Kerry Pocock
Life Coach &
NLP Practitioner
in Dorset



Hi, I’m Kerry and welcome to my website. I am passionate about supporting people to become who the want to be. As you have found your way here I’m confident that you are looking for some kind of change in your life… and that is the first step to making that change happen - being aware of it. so congratulations! The next step can be more tricky, and that is when working with a coach to support and encourage you can go a long way.

I work with people from all walks of life, those wanting to make huge, life altering changes, and those who just want to fine tune things to be better.

I am a CPCAB qualified life coach and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master practitioner and trainer. My intention is to support you to achieve your desired goals and dreams and to live a life you love. I believe that is possible for everyone if you are willing to do the work.

As your coach there are a number of values that are integral to our relationship, openness, trust, commitment, integrity and fun! The best way to find out if coaching is something that would benefit you and if I am the right coach to support you on your journey is for us to have a conversation. This first session is complimentary to book click ….


What would you like your life to be like? Do you let yourself daydream? Transformation life coaching starts with supporting you to have clarity about what it is you want and why. Then most importantly we begin the process of how you get there. Together we work on confidence and communication, removing limiting beliefs, creating subtle shifts that bring big change. Step by step finding your fulfilment and purpose.


 An overly busy environment whether it is at home or at work can have a huge affect on how effective we are!

A cluttered home can cause a cluttered mind. This is often where I find it helps to start if you don’t know where to start. Decluttering is a physical shifting of energy. It can create great change in how you feel and make space for what you want to achieve both physically and emotionally.


My passion is helping people find and move towards their purpose. My desire and intention is to support you in transforming your life to what you want. I live in Poole Dorset with my family and feel spoilt every day being able to see the sea.

I have a passion for learning and personal development, I began life coaching to help others facilitate change in their lives and in our world.




My Mission

My mission is to support people to make a positive difference to their lives and those around them. To facilitate their transformation to who they want to be.


Knowing what my values are helps me know know if I am on the right path and feel congruent in my life. I things that are important to me in my life and work are love, trust, honesty, openness, courage, integrity, support, connectedness, commitment and freedom. Supporting my clients to have a deep understanding of their own values is a key foundation to the work we do.


I believe that dreams come true. I believe that we all have a purpose, that anything is possible and that there is always a solution if we are resilient enough to keep looking. I believe that we are all responsible for our own happiness and that anyone is able to change their lives for the better if they are willing to take full responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions.


I work mostly 1:1 with my clients, either face to face in your home or somewhere you feel comfortable, or via Skype. I also work with groups, couples and families.

I always work to your agenda - coaching is about you and what you want, I will challenge you in a supportive way to ensure that you are confident of the choice you are making and will offer feedback on the patterns that I observe that will help you to make the changes you desire. Feedback can be a very powerful tool in developing self-awareness, we can choose to either keep those patterns or do something different.

Every person I work with is an individual and as such every journey is different. I believe that change is a process that takes commitment and creativity from both the coach and client. When we create our contract to working together that is my commitment to supporting you achieve your desired outcome.