Are you ready to Make a Change?



Are you ready for change in your life? If you are reading this then the answer is likely to be ‘YES! but I don’t know where to start’, or ‘what Ive tried hasn’t worked’.

Transformation life coaching starts with supporting you to have clarity about what you want and why. Then most importantly the process of getting you there. Together we will work in 5 key areas to help you transform and transition to the life you desire. Step by step finding your fulfilment and purpose.

The Chair of Change

‘The Chair of Change’ is a rapid coaching experience to help people to find clarity in their decisions to make a change in their life.

Using powerful coaching techniques we will spend just 15 minutes to find clarity and the courage needed for the next steps for your change. I are you ready to commit to the change you desire? then come and take a seat!

If you would like ‘The Chair of Change’ at your event get in touch for how to book.


 The experience of coaching with others can be life changing. Although a very different experience from 1:1 Coaching you gain the benefits of of coaching and also can gain personal insights from learning from others experience. There is also the additional gain of creating close relationships and friendships with others with in the group.

Team coaching can help groups bond and work together more effectively to create a share outcome. This is also something that works for families!