What do you want for Christmas?

However much time you spend on Christmas shopping for those you love there will come a point where someone will ask you ‘what do YOU want for Christmas?


In this age of one-click purchasing many of us don’t wait for people to buy us the things we need. So what is your response? Maybe you already have a list prepared so you know exactly what you’re getting. Maybe you say ‘Surprise me!’ But then goodness knows what you will end up with, but it could be three 2019 calendars or more toiletries you never use!

Do you remember what you were given as gifts last year? From my research I can tell you that most people don’t. The things that seem to stand out in people’s memories are the events - nights out to the theatre, family trips to a country house or afternoon tea at the spa!

If you thought about it for a while could you answer that question with something that might just change your life?

I challenge you to making a list of 5-10 things you would love to do in 2019

It could be taking a class, or learning to play an instrument or something that you wouldn’t justify getting for yourself. Would having a cleaner once a week would give you so much joy from not having to do the housework! Maybe you’re not even sure what you want to achieve or do….

So here is an idea. How about asking for someone or the whole family to buy you some Life Coaching sessions. Coaching is transformational and it’s all about you. Are you ready to create the life of your dreams? or even work out what those dreams are? Finding your purpose - Now that is a gift that will never be forgotten!