Who Holds You To Account?

No one likes to hear the hard truth. I have been reading and musing a lot lately on how everyone might benefit from having a tough but honest and fair friend. However, what if this person is also our loved one?



How should we react when we feel judged by the person who is supposed to love us the most no matter what? Should we be defensive and retreat? Ignore their words and thoughts as they are not our own? Or should we try to take them on board and remember that they come from a place of love? I have seen it argued that “the quality of your life is the result of the standards you have for yourself and the standards of those around you”. So should we surround ourself with people who accept us as we are? Or should we surround ourselves with people who hold us to a higher account? People who ultimately believe we can be more or achieve a higher standard.

They are the people who believe you can do better, who believe in you to do better. They are the ones who always have your best interests at heart and steer you into a direction that you might not have seen or wanted to see.

Don’t let your ego get in the way of facing your limiting beliefs, limited perspectives about yourself, or what you’re capable of. Cherish those that elevate your thinking and energy. Don’t take what they say to heart but rather, take what they say mindfully and consider using it to push yourself and raise your game. They are not there to criticize, they are there to teach you something about yourself you might not or weren’t aware of.

Sunday night question. Do you make time? 

Kerry Pocock