How’s Your Balance? 

The idea of balance within our minds is something that comes back to me again and again. Regardless of the subject I am talking about. We experience extremes in our emotions but the ability to bring ourselves back to centre is really powerful. 

Balance in the physical sense is something we learn as babies. We sit, stand – holding on, then balancing on two feet. Finally one foot at a time very briefly as we walk. As we grow we begin to take this skill for granted. We may practice hobbies that challenge us to balance in other ways – On one foot,  on tiptoes, on our hands which is more challenging, but balancing is something that generally we just ‘do’. 

As a child I did various hobbies such as ballet and gymnastics and from this I learnt 4 key things about how to balance: 

  1. Have a fixed point of focus – looking at something that is still helps focus and internal stillness. 

  2. Mentally prepare for the change – shift your body weight. 

  3. Be like a tree! Strong but with the ability to sway without snapping. Imagine you have roots down into the ground. 

  4. Believe that you can balance with ease. 

 I love that this mindset and set of processes work equally well to help us balance in an internal sense to return to mental balance with our emotions and dealing with stress or upset. 

 Using these skills and with practice I can still balance with ease most of the time (some days balance doesn’t come easy no matter what we do).

 Life is not meant to be a consistent plateau of ‘OK’. The vast spectrum of emotion is meant to be felt.  When we experience the extremes it helps us to have a more broad experience of life. There is a wonderful explanation of this by Jay Shetty in this short video the ups and downs mean we are alive!

 That said, knowing how to come back to neutral is powerful. Balance is within your own control and with practice you can master it. 

 On the 4th July this month’s coaching circle will focus on Balance. I will guide the group through coaching techniques to learn to balance our emotions to be able to make decisions from a place of calm.  Book your place here!

Kerry Pocock