About NLP



There are thousands of people offering NLP Training and the standard and the content is very mixed. There are many misunderstandings about what NLP really is and you will find that some programmes offer rafts and rafts of detailed techniques and tools. These do have a place but the core skills are an ability to:

  • Use the NLP thinking and skills with an artistry that both attracts people to you for all the right reasons and that inspires others to want to follow your lead.

  • Be able to face the unexpected challenges that the world throws at us and have the real time skills to be flexible and resourceful in the face of these in such a way that you continue to remain on track with your vision and goals for life.

  • Have the tools to discover for yourself those models and strategies that are pertinent to you personally and in the kind of contexts in which you live and work.

  • Work with an elegance and grace in a smart integrated way with your clients, colleagues, friends and family.

  • To be able to demonstrate the ‘difference that makes the difference’ between great and good.

  • Have an ease and confidence in yourself that allows you to achieve what is truly important without stress or undue effort.

  • Operate from sound principles of excellence that guide you in your decisions about your life and work.

I use NLP skills naturally in my 1:1 coaching but if you are interested in learning about NLP I offer this as a 1:1 intensive session or as a group course ‘Introducing NLP’ gives you a basic understanding of the system.

Let go

For me the benefits of NLP are multiple. When we begin to look at how our minds work, and how we use language to communicate effectively with others so much can change.